Special Notice - Storm Mode

The StormCast Weather Forum is now in a stage of preparation due to a direct threat to the Gulf Coast. Current forecasts from the National Hurricane Center indicate that the Gulf Coast may be in imminent danger of being directly affected by a tropical system.

During this stage of preparation, it is advised that necessary preparations are made and precautions taken in accordance with warnings issued by the National Hurricane Center and advisories issued by state agencies and local authorities. While we continue to stress the urgency of strictly following forum guidelines, moderation may be sporadic and even non-existent due to StormCast staff making preparations for their own selves and their families. We urge you at this time to post only that information which is based on data as well as actual advisories only. It is particularly crucial at this time that you do not post what you think MAY happen. Please stay tuned to local broadcasts, as well as the StormCast Weather Forum, for the latest alerts, advisories, and storm information. We thank you for your cooperation during this stage of preparation.

The StormCast Weather Forum Staff

*Unless directly quoted from the National Hurricane Center, National Weather Service, NOAA, Storm Prediction Center, or Professional Meteorologist, all posts and comments are the opinion of StormCast members and not a direct view or opinion of Gulf Coast Weather. The posts on this forum should not be used to make storm related decisions regarding personal or business preparation, decisions, or response to potential storm threats. Please consult with your local and government officials for support in life threatening decisions.*