Rules and Guidelines

StormCast Forum Guidelines

We welcome all thoughts from all our members on weather and all other topics.
To keep Stormcast a secure and friendly place to post, here are some guidelines we expect our members to follow:

-Your weather thoughts, perceptions, and forecasts are encouraged; you do not have to be a meteorologist to post your observations and predictions. However, remember that many folks come to Stormcast for the latest weather information, especially when severe weather strikes. For this reason, please base your thoughts and forecasts on data and provide this data whenever possible. Avoid presenting thoughts based on a “gut feeling” or what you wish would happen. This is especially crucial during the hurricane season, when many visitors come to Stormcast in an attempt to find information that is as accurate as possible so that they may use this information to make decisions for the well-being of themselves and their families.

-During hurricane season, the Gulf of Mexico is vulnerable. Therefore, when a tropical system poses a threat to the Gulf, moderation will be higher due to the increased activity in the forum. Off-topic posts will be prohibited and will be removed without warning.

-Feel free to post weather observations and related phenomena as you observe them happening around you. Please be as accurate as possible and without exaggeration, e.g., avoid saying “There are downed trees all over my neighborhood!” when in reality there are only some downed tree limbs.

-Please verify road and school closings before posting.

-We welcome and encourage your thoughts and opinions in our news and general information forums. Please respect the opinions of others, even when you vehemently disagree with those opinions.

-When in disagreement, target the issue, not the person. Avoid statements that personalize the issue, e.g., “Only a complete idiot would think that the storm would come to New Orleans.”

-If you have an issue with a specific forum member, avoid verbal attacks against that poster, even if it is in response to a perceived attack. Send a Private Message to a moderator or administrator and provide the name of the offending poster along with a sentence or two describing the issue. Please allow the staff to address the problem.

-Each member is allowed only one user name. This is to keep our membership numbers as accurate as possible. If you wish to change your display name, you can do so in your profile without having to create a totally new membership.

-Use your best judgment when making any post. Please remember, however, that the administrators/moderators may delete a post if it contains profanity, threats, or comments for which the poster was previously warned.

We’re glad you’re here! Thank you for helping us to make Stormcast a poster-friendly place to be!